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Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler is apologizing to a fan who felt "used" by the band's recent graffiti campaign leading up to the release of their new single, "Reflektor." 

In an article for, writer Ian Dille says the picture framing shop his wife works at in Austin, Texas was vandalized when the "Reflektor" logo was spray painted on an outside wall and then later covered with Arcade Fire posters. 

Dille called the "guerrilla marketing" scheme immature and socially irresponsible.  But Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler quickly responded to Dille's accusations with a handwritten note. 

He said he was really sorry that Dille and his wife had to put up with that, explaining that the logos were only supposed to be put up with water soluble paint or chalk so they would eventually wash away in the rain.  But Butler points out that it isn't always possible to control every tiny detail of such a large-scale campaign. 

The "Reflektor" logos showed up in cities all over the world.  Butler says they were inspired by Haitian veve drawings, which are done in chalk or in the dirt.  Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" album is due out Ocotber 29th. 

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