Figs Vision, a new LA native duo chats about the process of making their full length album, 'Dances' and how stoked they are to be playing as many shows as they can in LA. You can see them Thursday at the Bootleg for their record release. 

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It would be a close relation to compare the collective sounds of Figs Vision with the infectious pop of Fun. and the attitude of the Talking Heads. Still, the LA native duo produce electronic melody and groove paired with a poignant raw grit clearly their own. 
The ‘mystic pop’ group started in early 2013 when founders and childhood friends Jordan Spoliansky and Gunner Sixx decided to expand their passion for music turning it into their debut EP release titled, 'Darling'.  With the EP release garnering attention online and a series of shows around Los Angeles the group refined their sound in the studio for their July 2014 full length album release, ‘Mother’.

This Week's Close to Home Playlist: 

Heathers - Life Is Everywhere

Cherry Glazerr - White's Not My Color This Evening

Avid Dancer - Stop Playing With My Heart

Zhu - Faded

Dawn Golden - All I Want (Diplo Remix)

Figs Vision - Backwards

Twin Shadow - To The Top 

Babes - Dad

Conway- Big Talk

Allah-Las - 501-415

French Style Furs - All The Way Down

Tijuana Panthers - Nobo