Did you catch Complete Control this week? We had #2 of Anti-Flag in studio and he delivered the goods! I'm talking an acoustic threepeat!

Did you miss Complete Control? Shame on you! However you can head to our Spotify page to check out last weeks playlist. To hear the acoustic threepeat from #2, as well as the full interview Joe did with him, check out Joe's "Stay Stoked' Podcast


Teenage Bottlerocket - “Never Gonna Tell You”

Descendents - “Good Good Things”

Blacklist Royals - “Hearts On Fire”

Fireworks - “Glowing Crosses”

Anti-Flag - “1915”

Anti-Flag - “Ingrid Bergman”

Anti-Flag - “Bring Out Your Dead”

Fugazi - “Waiting Room”

Petal -             “Troubled Heart”

Roll The Tanks - “Goodnight Jimmy Lee”

The Menzingers - “In Remission”

The Weaks - “Instantaneous Vertical Speed”

The Riot Before - “What I’ve Missed”

Pennywise - “Every Single Day”

The Bouncing Souls - “Ghosts On The Boardwalk”

Lagwagon - “Violins”

Antarctigo Vespucci - “I’m Giving Up On U2”

Jawbreaker -  “Jinx Removing”

Social Distortion - “The Creeps”

Laura Stevenson & The Cans - “Runner”

The Hotelier - “The Scope Of All This Rebuilding”

Title Fight - “Secret Society”

Alkaline Trio - “Armageddon”

Diarrhea Planet - “Hammer Of The Gods”

The Misfits - “Astro Zombies”

Andrew Jackson Jihad - “Children Of God”

Cloud Nothings - “No Thoughts”

Less Than Jake - “Dopeman”

The Lawrence Arms - “The First Eviction Notice”

Chuck Ragan  - “Whistleblowers Song”

La Dispute - “For Mayor In Splitsville”

Adolescents - “Amoeba”

Joey Ramone - “What A Wonderful World”