The Bouncing Souls - "Hopeless Romantic"


Part 1:

Against Me!  “F***MyLife666”

The Damned “Smash It Up”

Kate Nash “3AM”

The Bouncing Souls “Hopeless Romantic”

The Bouncing Souls “Kid”

The Bouncing Souls “Bullying The Jukebox”


Part 2

Dave Hause “We Could Be Kings”

Smoke Or Fire “Speak Easy”

The Gaslight Anthem “Casanova Baby”

Andrew Jackson Jihad “Temple Grandin”

Banner Pilot “Modern Shakes”

Plague Vendor “Black Sap Scriptures”

Rise Against “Like The Angel”

Fake Problems “Songs For Teenagers”

Pity Sex “Honey Pot”

Rites Of Spring “All There Is”


Part 3

The Briggs  “Charge Into The Sun”

Ramones “Judy Is A Punk”

Title Fight   “Secret Society”

Black Flag  “Wasted”

Social Distortion  “Nickels And Dimes”

Modern Baseball  “Your Graduation”

Mat Kerekes  “Forgiveness”


Part 4

PUP “Reservoir”

Hot Water Music “Remedy”

Dead Boys “Sonic Reducer”

Stiff Little Fingers “Alternative Ulster”

Circle Jerks “86’d Good As Gone”

Dikembe “Las Vegas Weather”

Tigers Jaw “Charmer”

Cloud Nothings “Quieter Today”

Bad Religion  “Recipe For Hate”

33. Joey Ramone “Wonderful World”