Part 1

1. Modern Baseball    “Going To Bed Now”

2. Antarctigo Vespucci  “I’m Giving Up On U2”

3. Misfits  “Astro Zombies”

4. Descendents  “I’m Not A Loser”

5. Hot Water Music  “Trusty Chords”

6. Hot Water Music  “Paper Thin”

7. Hot Water Music   “No Division”

Part 2

8. Basement “Plan To Be Surprised”

9. Black Flag “My War”

10. The So So Glos  “Lost Weekend”

11. Cayetana “Hot Dad Calendar”

12. Nothington “The Ocean”

13. Stiff Little Fingers “Alternative Ulster”

14. The Hotelier “The Scope Of All This Rebuilding”

15. Pity Sex “Honey Pot”

16. Joyce Manor "Comfortable Clothes”

17. The Bouncing Souls “Highway Kings”

Part 3

18. Hostage Calm “A Thousand Miles Away From Home”

19. You Blew It! “Album Of The Year Award”

20. Citizen “Speaking With A Ghost”

21. Old Man Markley “Stupid Today”

22. Beach Slang “Kids”

23. Hop Along “Tibetan Pop Stars”

Part 4

24. Teenage Bottlerocket  “Warning Device”

25. The Riot Before  “Fists Buried In Pockets”

26. The Front Bottoms  “Maps”

27. Violent Soho  “Covered In Chrome”

28. Andrew Jackson Jihad “Temple Grandin”

29. Knuckle Puck “No Good”

30. Restorations “New Old”

31. NOFX “Murder The Government”

32. Rancid  “Olympia, WA”

33. Joey Ramone “What A Wonderful World”