Back in January we welcomed writer Almie Rose to Complete Control. We had a blast talking to her about her writing, and she even turned us onto some great punk bands we were unaware of (like Girls At Our Best!). 

We'll I've kept in touch with Almie over the last few months and I'm excited to share with you guys that she has a book coming out on July 1st! The book is titled "I Forgot To Be Famous" and is about, in Almie's own words: 

"What do you do when your ex leaves you for his A-list actress ex girlfriend? How do you land a musician boyfriend? What’s it like to make a total jackass of yourself when you meet that actor you’ve had a crush on for years? What would When Harry Met Sally… look like in 2013? Am I hungry? These questions and more are answered and explored by Almie Rose in I FORGOT TO BE FAMOUS, essays and how-to’s about dating, relationships, living in Los Angeles, and how they all crash into each other, like the car chase scene in the mall in the Blues Brothers movie, which she hasn’t seen, but is not at all opposed to."

The book is up for pre-sale on July 1st! Almie is an incredibly talented writer and you won't be disappointed in picking up "I Forgot To Be Famous"