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Each and every month, Joe opens the doors to his SideOneDummy HQ for the SideOneDummy Storytellers Show! The show features musicians, comedians, actors and more as they come together to talk about one central theme!

This month's theme was "Most Memorable Celebrity Encounter."

Listen as

Jonah Ray ("The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail," "The Nerdist") talks about playing truth or dare with Courtney Love.

Matt Bennett ("Victorious," "The Virginity Hit") tells about a piece of fan fiction he'd love to participate in.

Charlie Paulson (Goldfinger) meets KISS...with varying results
Ali Koehler (Upset, Vivian Girls) photobombs Martha Stewart after meeting Justin Bieber
Joe Sib comes face to face with Joe Strummer.
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