Miss Complete Control last weekened? Well you missed a Brendan Kelly-inspired threepeat, as well as an Adolescents ticket giveaway. Make sure to tune in this Saturday at 10PM. We will be giving away tickets to see Face To Face!!!!

  1. Social Distortion                                “Mommy’s Little Monster”
  2. Faction                                               “Lost In Space”
  3. Bad Religion                                      “Social Suicide”
  4. The Germs                                         “Media Blitz”
  5. The Lawrence Arms                         “100 Resolutions”
  6. The Falcon                                         “The La-Z-Boy 500”
  7. Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds        “Doin’ Crimes”
  8. Hot Water Music                               “Trusty Chords”
  9. The Bouncing Souls                          “That Song”
  10. The Menzingers                                 “Mexican Guitars”
  11. Cloud Nothings                                  “Stay Useless”
  12. The Dickies                                        “She”
  13. The Misfits                                         “Braineaters”
  14. Agent Orange                                     “Everything Turns Grey”
  15. The Rezillos                                       “Flying Saucer Attack”
  16. The Distillers                                     “Beat Your Heart Out”
  17. NOFX                                                  “Philthy Phil Philanthropist”
  18. Street Dogs                                        “Rust Belt Nation”
  19. The Undertones                                “Teenage Kicks”
  20. Stiff Little Fingers                              “Breakout”
  21. H2O                                                     “One Life, One Chance”
  22. Dead Boys                                          “Sonic Reducer”
  23. Circle Jerks                                         “Beverly Hills”
  24. Lagwagon                                          “Mr. Coffee”
  25. Japandroids                                       “Younger Us”
  26. Pegboy                                               “My Youth”
  27. Title Fight                                           “Secret Society”
  28. Blacklist Royals                                 “Brothers And Sisters”
  29. Teenage Bottlerocket                       “Summertime”
  30. The Riot Before                                 “What I’ve Missed”
  31. Operation Ivy                                     “Knowledge”
  32. Kate Nash                                           “Sister”
  33. M.I.A                                                    “New Left”
  34. Less Than Jake                                  “Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore”
  35. Big D & The Kids Table                     “Shining On”
  36. Joey Ramone                                     “What A Wonderful World”