Chad Valley is the name of Hugo Manuel’s solo project (he also fronts a band called Jonquil), a sometimes breezy sometimes ‘80s chillwave pop confection. How can all those adjectives fit into one act? Sometimes well, sometimes a bit clunkily. Those who came to see him perform at the Echo recently were treated to a fun evening as the Brit ran through tracks from his first full length, Young Hunger. At times, it was a dreamy thing, the twinkling notes of “Up and Down” entrancing the audience. His Animal Collective sound as filtered through ‘80s Top 40 went over well, and hit a crescendo when one of the guest vocalists from the album joined him onstage.  George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, reprised his role on “I Owe You This” to balance out Manuel’s sweet falsetto with his grittier, soulful sound. A pretty night of bouncy mellow indietronica for the Brit-o-philes in the house.

– Mo Herms for Moheak (photos by Zowie)