Franz Ferdinand were kind enough to treat the people of LA to a show that didn’t require standing in 100+ degree heat or possibly weathering a sandstorm by having a show in town between Coachella performances. The fantastic four played a good 90 minutes (way more than you’ll get at the festival) to a crowd of fans who were beyond excited to be there. And the band was having a blast too! Dropping their swanky indie pop to an appreciative bunch, the Scots previewed new tracks from their next album too. People danced to the classics (“No You Girls,” “Do You want To,” “Take Me Out”) and even to some new ones (“Fresh Strawberries” and “Love Outsiders”) before being treated to an epic encore. The band ganged up on their drummer for a percussive love fest and shook fans’ hands as they smiled wide for everyone. Because who doesn’t love a night out?

– Mo Herms for Moheak