Mascot Saves Kid From Foul Ball


What's up - my name is Andy Harms - a Washington State guy that has inexplicably found himself on the radio in L.A. Weird. Here's a quick recap of how we got here. My family and I moved to Southern California in the winter of 2013. Before I got here, I went the University of Washington and studied business and drama, bought a lot of records, went to a lot of shows, dominated my fantasy football league and worked at my local ALT radio station. In January of 2013, I got a call from DIDDY about coming to LA to work on the Revolt TV - a music television network that he was getting ready to launch (actually the call came from Revolt's president - an awesome dude named Andy Schuon - but we met with Diddy, so for the sake of this story, we'll pretend). I was hired as Director of Music Programming at Revolt and after a couple of months they gave me my own show called "In Harms Way". It's still (sorta) on Revolt - if you wanna check it out. I also help out with the networks flagship show Revolt Live. Despite all that cool stuff, I really missed working at a radio station. Luckily for me, 98.7 gave me a call soon after I got to LA and I get to hang out on the radio from time to time. ALT 98.7 has that unique combination of respect for the music and the ability to have fun on the air that I loved so much at my gig in the Pacific Northwest. It's a perfect fit as my family and I live and love southern California. I'm lucky to be working here - this station rules. Important Personal Details: I've got a tattoo of Sasquatch on my right arm. 2 of my cats have 3 legs. I still own Seattle Seahawk season tickets.


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