There aren’t a lot of people in the punk rock community that almost everyone universal agrees is awesome.  Tim Armstrong is on that list, Mike Ness and a handful of others.  Minor Threat/Fugazi/ Dischord Records guy Ian MacKaye is certainly on that list.  He’s royalty – though he’d be the first to say that notion is absurd (which makes him royalty!!!!! – so complicated)

When approached about a recent line of authorized Minor Threat shirts that Urban Outfitters (not punk – in case you were wondering) just put on sale for $28 a pop – MacKaye – as with most things – had a very clear stance.

"I just don't give a fuck about T-shirts," – he explained to the Washington City Paper

He explained further that because of rampant bootlegging – he had outsourced Dischord’s t-shirt business to an outside company.

"It's fucking absurd the amount of bootlegs [that] are out there,"
"My time is better spent doing other things," MacKaye said.

He cited the time and energy he spent tracking down bootelggers as motivation behind the business move.

"Do I think it's absurd? Yes, I certainly do," he said. "Motherfuckers pay $28; that's what they wanna pay for their shirts."

 And that’s about all there is to say about that .