Matt Bellamy from Muse dropped a hint via Twitter that the band may celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2014 with a special celebratory tour.

The tweet came as a response to fans asking about a recent show in the band did in Tokyo where a number of strange thing happened – including drummer Dom Howard seeing his drum kit enveloped by masked characters during the performance.

Here’s the tweet:

Though Showbiz – the first Muse record didn’t come out until 1999 – it is widely recognized that the band got their start five years earlier in Teignmouth – where special 20th anniversary shows have already been all but confirmed for 2014.  A full tour would be something different – as anyone who knows anything about Muse will tell you – that band brings it harder than most when they play Fresno on a random Tuesday – you can only imagine what it will be like to see them celebrate a milestone like 20 years.

Here’s a reminder of what the early days looked like – sweet fog machine fellas :)