It’s official.

After teasing in a series of interviews over the last couple of weeks and posting strange lyrics over the last 48 hours – the Phoenix/R Kelly collab we all enjoyed at Coachella is now getting some studio love.

The band announced via Instagram earlier today that a remix of “Trying to Be Cool” is on it’s way featuring none other than the mastermind behind “Trapped in a Closet”

It’s an unlikely pairing – made even stranger when you consider the two artists had never met before performing together on-stage at Coachella. Phoenix guitarist Christian Mazzalai explains:

 “Before going onstage we always put on R. Kelly’s music, which is very far from our music, but we love his art. So we created a mash-up between our music and his music. We sent it to him and he said yes. The funny part is he arrived late so we didn’t see him before. We met him onstage. We didn’t rehearse so there was a beautiful tension.”

Expect that remix to hit the internet as soon as tomorrow