The Best New Song of the Year... This Week is 'Come With Me Now' by Kongos.

So Kongos are four brothers who are the sons of a South African/British singer-songwriter John Kongos. They spent time in London and South Africa, but are now based in Phoenix, Arizona. They're also a one-stop shop; they write, produce, engineer, mix, master their music, and also direct, shoot, and edit their music videos. Yeah, they're awesome. And that's why 'Come With Me Now' from their album, Lunatic, is The Best Song of the Year... This Week. 

We’ll being playing 'Come With Me Now' Monday through Friday this week at 8:10a, 12:10p, 6:10p and 10:10p.

While you're here, check out the music video for 'Come With Me Now' and get your FREE download HERE.

Connect with Kongos through their website, Facebook, and Twitter