photo credit: Andrew Boyle

And the Best New Song of the Year... This Week is 'Cardiac Arrest' by Bad Suns! 

I saw these guys in January when they were our Artists In Residence (WATCH them on the ALTstage) and I had a difficult time deciding which song on their EP, Tranpose, was my favorite. Their songs are very melodic with great lyrics and message. I liken them to The 1975, who are incidentally their current tour mates. Their EP is packed with great songs, including my personal favorite (at the moment), '20 Years,' and the Best New Song of the Year... This Week, 'Cardiac Arrest.'

 - Miro

CLICK HERE for your FREE download of 'Cardiac Arrest'

We’ll being playing 'Cardiac Arrest' Monday through Friday this week at 8:10a, 12:10p, 6:10p and 10:10p.

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