The Best New Song of the Year... This Week is 'Lionhearted' by Porter Robinson

We're really digging "Lionhearted" by twenty-one year old Porter Robinson. The song has an epic chorus and lyrics over an electronic base that hits all the right notes. Porter has been creating beats since the age of 12, and cites Dance Dance Revolution as his first foray into music, and we aren't mad about it! His album, Worlds, will be released on August 12. 

We’ll being playing 'Lionhearted' Monday through Friday this week at 12:20p, 3:20p, 6:20p and 10:20p. 

You'll have a chance to score tickets to see Porter Robinson at the Shrine Expo Hall on Spetember 13th* or at The Fox Theater in Pomona on September 14th* every time we play "Lionhearted"! 


Connect with Porter Robinson through his website, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

*Shows are +18