Brandon Flowers of The Killers talked to Harms recently about the last 10 years of The Killers, and what they have in store for the future. 

Brandon talked about working with Anthony Gonzales of M83 on their new song, "Shot at the Night," and mentioned that there might be more collaborations with Anthony in the near future.

Brandon also talked about The Killers upcoming greatest hits collection, Direct Hits, which will be released on November 11. Brandon say that he's both thankful and proud of the work, and hopes it introduces the band's music to a new audience. He calls the collection, "an end of innocence," and says that he's excited to move forward and that as long as The Killers still have the fire, they'll keep making music as a band. One thing is for certain, Brandon says "he still has [the fire], and that he "always has things cooking."