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"Royals" by Lorde is one of the most requested songs on ALT 98.7 right now, and one of the songs of the summer. It's the first song from the New Zealander to be released and is an instant hit with its clever lyrics, distinct beat and her amazing voice. We're excited to hear more of her music soon as she's set to release her debut album, Pure Heroine on September 30. 

One of the first stops on her maiden voyage to the US (after In-N-Out) was to the ALT 98.7 studio where she gave us an impromptu, stripped-back performance of her hit single.  With just a keyboard, synth/drum machine and a background track she was nearly spot-on with her recorded single, but with some cool, live vocal twists added along the way.  Take a listen below, and check out some pics of the performance here.  

And you'll definitely want to watch Lorde's interview with Kennedy, which are always an adventure. They discuss Lorde's creative process, her influences, her sound, live shows and much more. It gets real.... Lorde talks about how she emerged from the womb, figuratively of course! They also talk about Lorde's voice possibly turning into that of an Ogre, similar to Princess Fiona from Shrek. You should just watch and enjoy. 

Interview with Kennedy:

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