Today's New Music Discovery is Little Comets, a four-piece band from Newcastle, England. The band consists of brothers Robert and Michael Coles, who write the majority of the songs, and Matthew Hall and Greenie. 

They just released their debut album, Life Is Everywhere, which has and impressive 14 tracks. Their sound is very melodic and upbeat, with honest lyrics. They even tackle some serious issues in their songs, including domestic violence in "Violence Out Tonight" and politics in their song "A Little Opus."

Little Comets joined us for an ALTSession where they played four songs. Check out their session: 

"Violence Out Tonight":

"A Little Opus":

Before playing "Jennifer," one of our favorite new songs, they talked about their road trip across America, including a stop at the Jackson family home in Indiana. They also talked about the musicians that have inspired them. 



Connect with Little Comets through their website, Facebook, and Twitter