We've been playing "Pumpin' Blood" by Swedish band NONONO for a few months now, and we're excited to hear that they'll be releasing an EP soon, with a full album in early 2014. The Pumpin Blood EP will be released next Tuesday, the 17th of September. The EP will have three new songs, as well as the original and an acoustic version of "Pumpin' Blood." The new songs are, "Jungle," "Fire Without A Flame," and "Like the Wind." 

Here's the full tracklist:
01 Pumpin' Blood
02 Jungle
03 Fire Without A Flame
04 Like the Wind
05 Pumpin' Blood (Acoustic)

They're also heading on tour, with a stop in LA, which they will be announcing very soon - stay tuned. They will also be making their network TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live soon. 

We're excited to hear new music from NONONO! 

Here's one of the new songs, "Like The Wind":

 - Miro