This Year's Best New Song... This Week is "Shot At The Night" by The Killers!

The Killers will be releasing an album to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! The album, Direct Hits, will include all their hits, including the first song they wrote as a band, which happens to be their breakthrough hit, "Mr. Brightside." Yup, that was the first song the band wrote.

Direct Hits, will be released on the 11th of November, and will also have two brand new songs - "Just Another Girl," and This Year's Best New Song... This Week, "Shot At The Night" which was produced by M83's Anthony Gonzales

We’ll being playing "Shot At The Night" Monday through Friday this week at 8:10a, 12:10p, 6:10p and 10:10p. 

What do you think of "Shot In The Night" and what is your favorite song by The Killers?