Joan Rivers in Critical Condition

the big story yesterday was that 81-year-old Joan Rivers went into cardiac arrest during a procedure on her vocal cords. She's listed in critical but stable condition and remains in a induced coma. Doctors plan on bringing her out this weekend to asses the damage. Full story HERE

Tracy Morgan's Lawyer Issues Statement 

Morgan's lawyer said that he's having a really tough time after the accident that almost killed him and that he's making incremental progress but hey'll have to wait another month before they evaluate him cognitively. Tracy has been having therapy at his home to recover from his badly broken leg and traumatic brain injuries. More HERE

American Horror Story Freakshow Teaser

Seems like a new teaser comes out everyday now. Can't wait for the new season. Check it out HERE

How Much Would the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Weigh?

Someone did the math and they came up with 3.87 million pounds. If you wanna see how the math breaks down, check it out HERE

Steven Tyler's Twitter RULES

The Aerosmith frontman tweeted out a before and after pic of him with his beard and then clean shaven and wrote, "Ladies, as long as I have this face, y'all have somewhere to sit." I can hear his daughter's eyes rolling right now. Check it out HERE

Chet Haze Gots Dope Tracks

Chet Haze his the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and is rumored to be an embarrassment to his folks. What? No way! How could you be an embarrassment when you're white, rap, try to act street but grew up in Brentwood. Chet still lives at home BTW and was voted the 3rd worst rapper of all time. Check out his video HERE