HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH!!! SMELLING FARTS CURES CANCER!!! We're all gonna live forever! Ok, it's one study, but the benefits of smelling farts or inhaling hydrogen sulfide is supposed to be really good for you. Let's all move and hang out at Old Faithful. Full article HERE 


On the bad side, another study (there's always a study for something. Who's funding all these f##king studies????) has found that global warming could be linked to kidney stones. Yeah... and it's also linked to 9/11. Read the madness HERE


Don't you wish you lived in a place with perfect weather year round? Oh, wait. You do because you live in LA (unless you're some place else on the internet) Anyways, Dubai is building the first climate controlled neighborhood. It's like that part in the Simpsons Movie where they cover the whole town in a dome. Story HERE


A girl mistakenly sexted her own dad. Hilarity ensues. Check out the story and pics HERE



And in the most WTF section of the news, Police in Virginia want to take naked pics of a 17-year-old boy in a sexting case. And not just naked pics. Pics of his ERECT DONG! This even had Greg agreeing with the ACLU that say this would be on par child pornography. Full story HERE