:: a few weeks ago, i got together with some awesome friends at my favorite mexican restuarant in LA (el compadre) for TGIF flaming margs, witty banter and laughs. of course, in the midst of our hang, we talked about music - lots and lots of music - more specifically, their swoonworthy smooth jams that i'm excited to share with you now. my boys julio and cliff (formerly of the LA based band "as tall as lions") are now making music under the moniker of "THEblack&THEwhite" and their first single - an electronic laced dream that i've been listening to on repeat in a borderline obsessive fashion for weeks - will paint your world with all the colors of the rainbow. their first single "future" was officially released on itunes last week, their EP is forthcoming and they're gearing up for a march residency at central SAPC. click here to like their FB page - and tell them that tobi sent you! oh, and click here for their bandcamp page.

now, listen to "future" on extreme repeat and dance and sway and smile - your earholes will thank me later ;) #xo, @tobitalks #adayinthelifeofaDJ