:: okay, so i've never had anything against dave grohl - but i'm kind of an indie music elitiest, so he's always just been an ancillary player in my life of music. don't get me wrong, i dig nirvana and i'm not mad at the foo fighters - but i've always been a little "whatevs" about dear old dave. well, that all changed when i was lucky enough to attend the "sound city" movie premier last thursday at the arclight dome. this was then followed by the sound city players playing a 4 hour long show at the palladium. needless to say, it was a night of old school rock and roll royalty. i mean, i stood in line waiting for popcorn next to a dude from reo speedwagon for crying out loud. anyway, as for the documentary that dave made - it's truly magnificent - and if you love music and all, it's a must see. i left the theater feeling so blessed to be part of the world that dave illustrates so beautifully in the film. as for the show - to say that it rocked my face off would be a massive understatement. my highlights = rick springfield, john forgerty and stevie nicks all taking the stage at different times with dave and the foos. it was a night of rock that will live on forever in my heart as being one of the best i've ever seen!

thank you, dave grohl for saving the neve and making a magical movie - can we please be besties?! #xo, @tobitalks #adayinthelifeofaDJ 

*btw, here's an instagram i took of dave rocking out with the sound city players: 

:: oh, and i didn't think my affinity for dave could grow stronger, but he's hosting "chelsea lately" all week and this video surfaced today featuring him with 70s heartthrob rick springfield. #omg #lovelovelove

:: and finally, one of my favorite parts of "sound city" was learning how the fleetwood mac that i love came to exist. so when stevie later sang "landslide" (one of my favorites and a song that i started swooning to on cassette tape in my youth) at the palladium with dave - well, my heart soared with joy and i think i had an out of body experience. this video isn't my favorite rendition of the song, but it sweetly shows a glimpse of the love story that was buckingham/nicks. #xo