:: a few weeks ago i had the pleasure of seeing kate boy play their face melting dance jams at the echo. this was a much anticipated show for me because i've been playing kate boy on my #AmazingHappyHour - the radio show i curate and host that airs in the UK and here. not only was i stoked to see kate boy live, but my sweet friends from the UK in the band lovelife opened up the show. it was a double bill of live awesomeness :) anyway, please let me help make your saturday at least 92.7% more rad with a song from kate boy called "northern lights" that i can't stop listening to - it's so good - like, it's totally badass epic good. i'm pretty sure it will take you to your happy place too. #enjoy #happysaturday #xo, @tobitalks #adayinthelifeofaDJ

:: btw, here's an instagram i took at the show. #GetOnBoard #FaceMeltingNewMusic