Redneck News: Shark Found in Walmart Parking Lot

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA — Cops in Florida think something fishy is going on after a 5-foot-long shark showed up dead at Walmart.The jaws-dropping discovery was made last Friday afternoon at a Walmart store in the city of St. Augustine on Florida’s northeast coast, the St. Augustine Record reported.It came just hours after another dead shark was found in the driveway of a nearby home.

The Walmart manager made a snappy call to the cops when she found the shark basking in a shopping cart in the store’s parking lot.Initial investigations revealed the shark was put there by a man, who earlier that day had found it sitting on top of his RV.

The RV driver told cops he heard a loud bang that morning, and then saw the shark on top of the vehicle when he went to check out the noise.Police reviewed surveillance footage of the parking lot but are still none the wiser about how the shark got there. This reminds us of the time a dead shark was found on a New York City subway train. In August 2013, passengers on the N-train were baffled when they ended up sharing a compartment with a dead female dogfish shark.

Turns out the corpse of the shark had washed up on Coney Island earlier that day, before a succession of people handled it, finally ending up on the subway.So at least that’s one shark mystery solved. Back in St. Augustine, cops were said to be diving into their investigations to find out what happened to the Walmart shark.

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