Dodger's Stadium Now Selling Poke Bowls and Stumptown Cold Brew Ice Cream Floats!

Opening day is right around the corner, and you know what that means...


But if we're being honest, the next most exciting part about baseball season, apart from the sport itself, is eating all the binge-worthy food served at Dodger Stadium. They've even added some new dishes to the line-up!

Introducing poke bowls! That's right, Elysian Park is serving up some Hawaiian influenced poke bowls, consisting of ahi tuna, rice, vegetables, wakame seaweed, and ponzu sauce. The Hawaiian influence is also reflected in the park's partnership with King's Hawaiian BBQ. 

Everything on the menu this season is ensured to incorporate house-made foods. This includes a new dessert-only stand, serving made-to-order churros and funnel cakes. The dessert stand will also feature the new Stumptown Coffee coldbrew ice cream float along with fried Twinkies and Oreos. 

As if that wasn't enough, the suite package now includes a "Taste of L.A." menu, which includes mezze, Vietnamese spring rolls, a ramen salad, street food wraps with hoisin-marinated grilled pork, grilled mole beef sticks, and much more. 

The new food items are part of the Dodgers' new mission on focusing on the history of the stadium and its connection to the local community. Other aspects of this theme include revamping new social areas in the staidum, working with ride share and Metro for more seamless transportation getting to/from the stadium, as well as community-specific events and promotional items. The stadium will also be unveiling a new statue on April 15 to commemorate Jackie Robinson.

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