Did You Know? Foster the People Love Table Tennis!

Foster the People are back with new music and ready to rock our #ALTSummerCamp stage.

You may know they lyrics by heart... but here's something we bet you didn't know. Mark Foster, Mark Pontius, Sean Cimino, & Isom Innis are actually quite the athletes. However, we're not talking about just shooting hoops or tossing a football around.

Turns our paddles, a table, and a some ping pong balls are essentials for the band on our. They're kind of obsessed with playing table tennis.

The band's official Instagram page has tons of photos proving just how much they love table tennis. Check out the form in these pics!

Check out Foster the People's live at #ALTSummerCamp on Saturday, August 19th at The Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach.

Get your tickets here!

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