Jack Antonoff Is Taking His Childhood Bedroom On Tour

Jack Antonoff's childhood bedroom is hitting the road with his band, Bleachers. The room was recreated in a small trailer complete with all the original contents including the bed, rugs, posters, stacks of CDs and other knickknacks. The traveling art installation will follow the band on tour in May and June.

You can even follow the traveling bedroom in real-time on the band's website.

Antonoff revealed in a tweet, titled "why i did this," that he actually lived in this room until he was 27-years-old (he is now 33). He explained that "every lyric and note I have ever written has come from the room i grew up in." It's a way for him to move on from from this period in his life while allowing fans the opportunity to experience the band's new music in the exact place that it was conceived.

There will even be a documentary at some point documenting how the contents of the room were taken to create the art installation.

Check out Bleachers live at #ALTSummerCamp when we take over The Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach on Saturday, August 19th!

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