After School Satan Club Spreading to the Bible Belt

I used tho think Satan worshipers were the dumbest motherf*ckers on the planet. I was like, if you're gonna root for an imaginary character, at least root for the good guy.

Turns out, Satanists don't believe int he devil. They just teach evolution, rationalism and the like. They just use that name to... I dunno, scare the sh*t out of Christians.

Read more about it HERE

Speaking of the devil. This pretty much sums up what I think.

That's one of my favorite Bill Hicks lines of all time. "What could oppose God's will?"

So anyways, don't forget... we're all one, the devil doesn't exist and you are god

This video really has nothing to do with this post. I mean, I guess it is about the devil, but really I just used it for the automatic imagine it generates for the thumbnail. that way we don't get sued by some devil lawyer.

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