A 'Saved By The Bell' Themed Restaurant Is Coming To LA!

If you're a mega fan of the hit 90's teen sitcom Saved By The Bell get ready... There's a pop-up restaurant coming to Los Angeles that is completely decked out to look like "The Max," the fictional diner made famous by Zack, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, Screech and Jesse.

"Saved By The Max" had successful year-long run in Chicago. Reservations sold out left and right. We can't blame people. You never knew who might show up during dinner service. Everyone from Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding, to Mario Lopez, who played AC Slater dropped by the restaurant at some point. Even more obscure characters like Mr. Dewey and OX the football player made appearances.

Customers are instantly transported right back to Bayside High with booth and table seating that looks exactly like the TV show. The Bayside themed menu includes items like the AC Sliders, Macaroni & Screech and the Preppy BLT. To quench your thirst, order from a variety of drinks like the Malibuloma, Stacey Carosi's Sofie Mimosie or the I'm So Excited.

In addition to nightly dinner and weekend brunch service, the pop-up restaurant hosted a ton of special events for the public like themed dance parties, trivia nights and costume contests.

The location of the LA pop-up or its opening date hasn't been announced yet. But with the Chicago location shutting it's doors tonight we should expect them to setup shop in LA in the next few months. You can visit their website SavedByTheMax.com to stay updated!

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