The Disneyland Railroad To Reopen And Fast Passes Go Electronic!

There's tons of new, old but mostly importantly, exciting things coming to Disneyland.

First, the Disneyland railroad is back! It's been a whole years since the trains have been in service. The rail line's route has been altered in that time to make room Star Wars Land.

Disneyland employees have been seen testing the trains on the new route, which will take riders past the edge of Rivers of America, down the Big Thunder Trail before heading into Mickey's Toontown station.

Testing of the train will happen daily. Park visitors can hop on beginning July 29th, 2017.

The FastPass system is also getting a facelift. The park has started testing a new electronic system this week.

Instead of machine spitting out FastPasses for visitors to redeem later, you will now need to scan your park ticket of annual pass. You'll still get a voucher that looks like the old FastPass, but it's just to remind you of your assigned ride time. When you return to the ride at your assigned time, you just need to scan your park ticket or annual pass again.

The new system is getting the park ready for the MaxPass program that's launching. For $10 a day, park visitors will be able to get FastPasses through their phone without visiting the kiosks. Don't worry, you'll still be able to use the kiosks if you choose to, free of charge.

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