Where To Stay For Coachella

The best time of the year is finally back at last... Coachella! In the midst of all of the Coachella countdown pictures on Instagram and shopping for outfits, you can't forget to book a place to stay for the weekend at least a couple of weeks in advance. Whether you're camping, staying in a hotel, or staying in an AirBnB, we've got all of the best tips and tricks and locations to stay. 

1) Car Camping

If you love camping, this is the option for you. For $113, you're able to camp right next to your car and be within walking distance to and from the festival to go back and forth whenever you please throughout the day. There are on-site mobile home showers, porta pottys, food and beverage vendors, water refill stations and more. You are allowed to have as many people in one spot as you can comfortably fit, but it may be best to buy multiple camping spots if you have a big group. 

The camping spot is also good from Thursday-Monday so you're able to get a head start on all of the fun and don't have to rush out Sunday night. However, once your car is parked, there are no ins or outs and if you have multiple cars your party must tailgate each other in, so just remember that.

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2) Hotels

If camping just isn't for you, don't worry because there's plenty of hotels to choose from as well. There are many perks to choosing this option like free AC, free breakfast (at some locations), a bed to sleep in, a shower always available and many more. Most hotels are also within a 20 minutes or less driving distance and Coachella offers free day parking from 9am-2am every single day. 

Here is a list of awesome hotels to check out:

Omni Rancho Las Palmas

Embassy Suites Palm Dessert

Miramonte Resort and Spa 

DoubleTree by Hilton Golf Resort Palm Springs

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

3) AirBnB

If camping and hotels both aren't for you, AirBnB's are definitely another great option! It'd probably be best to find a large group to go with if you go this route as prices tend to raise dramatically around Coachella weekend, but it will definitely be worth it to be able to bring all of your own groceries and not have to worry about any of it going bad throughout the entire weekend. Just like hotels, you also have the option of driving to and from the festival each day for free. 

For more information on AirBnB's, click here. 

See you in the desert!

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