Plane Rips Off Its Own Wing on Another Plane

"An Asiana A330 took out the tail of a Turkish A321 at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport today.

'I thought it was the end of my life'

Terror of passenger as jet's tail is SLICED OFF when another plane crashes into it at Turkish airport

The footage shows moment the tail of the Turkish Airlines plane is sheared off According to Brit passenger Kaarina Barron, people on board were sent flying.  The tourist and mother-of-two said the impact sounded like a bomb had gone off.  A British tourist and mother-of-two has described the terrifying moment she thought her life was about to end when the plane she was on had its tail sliced off in a collision with another aircraft.  Kaarina Barron, aged 55 and from Woodley, Berkshire, and her friend Clare Chambers were seated near the back of the plane when they heard an almighty bang.  The shocking crash 'sounded like a bomb had gone off' and took place yesterday at Attaturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey."

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