Passenger Throws Fists When Denied Another Beer

"American Airlines passenger brawls mid-flight after flight attendant refuses to give him more beer One unruly American Airlines passenger caused quite the scene in the high skies when his request for beer was denied by a flight attendant, leading him to push and threaten to kill his seatmate in an altercation that eventually lead to a brawl between the two men mid-flight. On May 23, flight 1293 from Saint Croix to Miami International Airport took a turn for the worse thirty minutes in. Apparently, a passenger identified as Jason Felix in court documents in American Airlines was denied a beer by a male flight attendant after the staffer heard Felix making a “commotion” in the bathroom. Calling the flight attendant a “f***t” upon returning to his seat, the passenger hit the call button and requested a beer, which the unnamed flight attendant denied. Felix continued calling the crew member a “f****t” and “b****.”"



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