Smashing Pumpkins Celebrate 30 Years

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Last night in Jersey, the Smashing Pumpkins celebrated their 30th anniversary.  All sorts of special guests showed up to play their songs - check out the below

Here's Courtney - 

#CourtneyLove #Hole #CelebritySkin #SmashingPumpkins

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And next up... Courtney Love doing two awesome Hole songs Billy wrote. #smashingpumpkins #hole #courtneylove #maibu

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Covering Sugar Ray with Mark McGrath  (kinda weird)

Sugar Ray and smashing pumpkins singing Fly... you’re welcome

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and Chino from Deftones!

HOLY SHIT!!!! The one song I wanted them to play on this tour more than any and was bummed they weren’t doing was Bodies. Chino from the Deftones just came out and chose them to play that song with him. So so so fucking awesome. *Entire song and also Snail on YouTube later xclandestinex*

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