Get to Know Summer Camp Artist: Superorganism

August 12th is fast-approaching, so make sure you grab your tickets to out ALT 98.7 Summer Camp festival at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach. Artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Lovelytheband, and ODESZA will be performing along with Superorganism! Get to know this very fascinating group with a unique sound before you join us this Sunday.

Members of the Band Come from 5 Countries

Many bands come together because they knew each other in school, are possibly related, or at least live in close proximity, but not Superorganism. This group is formed from people all over the world, with members from New Zealand, England, Japan (and sometimes Maine), Australia, and South Korea! The various backgrounds of the band members might be a key factor in creating such an interesting sound.

They All Managed to Make Music Over the Internet (And Still Do)

Having come from different parts of the world, the group actually met online and started creating music over the internet by sending each other music files via email and other platforms. This began before the group even had Orono set as their lead vocalist! Though many of the current band members already knew each other, Superorganism really took off once an invitation was extended to Orono to sing. 

Their Name "Superorganism" is a Nod to the Number of People in the Group

Superorganism definitely had the right idea when naming themselves because this group definitely acts as one great being, and that's exactly what they had in mind. Because there are 8 people in the band, they thought it was important to highlight the fact that all these components were working together as one to produce and perform the music that we all know and love!

It Took 10 Years for the Group to Come Together

The internet is to the rescue yet again! Superorganism began through meeting one another on various online forums for musicians and connected with each other that way. However, not everyone met around the same time, which is understandable due to the circumstances of this particular group. A couple of people met at one time, and the group continued to slowly expand over the next 10 years to create the band we now know as Superorganism!

Orono Recorded the Vocals for "Everybody Wants to be Famous" Depending on Her Roommates Sleep and Bathroom Schedule

While discussing the various stories and influences behind their smash single, "Everybody Wants to be Famous," Orono revealed that her recording sessions happened in her dorm room. Not only that, but they were dependent on when her roommate was either asleep...or in the restroom. 

It's definitely nice of Orono to be cautious of her roommate, but the song becomes even more interesting when taking this part of the recording process into consideration.

Join us at ALT 98.7 Summer Camp on August 12th at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach. Tickets are on sale now and start at just $47.50. Buy your tickets here now!

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