How "Crazy Rich Asians" Got to Cover Coldplay's "Yellow"

HERE is the amazing story of how a Chinese version of Coldplay's "Yellow" ended up on the soundtrack to "Crazy Rich Asians"

Just a piece:

Chu (the director) decided to lay out his feelings about the song in a letter to the band. “For the first time in my life, it described the color in the most beautiful, magical ways,” he recalls writing. “The color of the stars, her skin, the love. It was an incredible image of attraction and aspiration that made me rethink my own self-image.” The band replied within an hour (of course they did, come on!) and gave Chu the go-ahead, and so cinema history was made. We can only assume front man Chris Martin spent that entire hour weeping before finally recovering enough to see the keyboard, because, really, who loves love more than that guy?



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