Muse Announce New Album & Release New Song


Muse has announced that their new album - "Simulation Theory" will be here on November 9th

Over the last couple of years - we've gotten a steady stream of singles from the band (Dig Down, Thought Contagion, Something Human etc) - and now ALL of it is coming on one record

The album is coming in three different versions (via COS):

Simulation Theory will be released in three formats: Standard (11 tracks), Deluxe (16 tracks), and Super Deluxe (21 tracks). The expanded tracklisting boasts an acoustic gospel version of “Dig Down”, a UCLA Bruin Marching Band-featuring version of “Pressure”, a live version of “Thought Contagion”, acoustic versions of several tracks including “Something Human”, and “Alternate Reality” versions of “Algorithm” and “The Dark Side”.

Here's another new song from the album - it's called 'The Dark Side" 

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