Dave Grohl Surprises Fans At Kanye West Rap Festival

This weekend Tyler, The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw Festival brought together over 40,000 people at L.A.’s Dodger Stadium. You would think that celebrities would be hiding behind security and not in the public eye but that wasn't the case for Foo Fighters lead signer Dave Grohl. A fan of his was surprised to see that many people at Camp Flog Gnaw didn't even recognize Dave and she took the chance to introduce herself to him.

I’m at Camp Flog Gnaw and I see Dave Grohl just casually walking with a few people towards me. I stop and look around for people to start rushing towards him and he just walks up to me and says no one knows me here lol! He’s like I brought my daughter and I’m like so did I!! He hugged me and said he was the oldest person at the whole camp and I’m like yeah but the most legendary !!!!! And we are the coolest parents lol!! I’m officially in this weird category where whoever reading this is gonna go what the heck is camp flog gnaw or they are gonna think who is Dave Grohl? Lol! So yeah you guys I met Nirvana yesterday and I’m now way too cool for school 😁😁😁 #davegrohl #nirvana#foofighters #campfloggnaw#latanyalockett #tylerthercreator



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