Fan Accused of Attacking Morrissey Shares His Side of Story

On November 11th TMZ reported that Morrissey was attacked onstage by a concertgoer at Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego. A video leaked that showed Morrissey performing and with headlines saying Morrissey was attacked many believed that Morrissey indeed was attacked by a person in the crowd. But if you know Morrissey and know his fans you know that he loves seeing his fans engage in his performances. Many of Morrissey's fans will do anything to touch Moz or get his autograph. At our private performance by Morrissey  a lucky girl was able to get Morrissey to sign her arm and she got it tattooed the next day. The fan that was accused of attacking Morrissey reached out to us and hated all the bad press Morrissey was getting and wanted to share his side of the story.

Official Statement from Carlos Rodriguez.  

Hello Moz Fam!  I felt the need to write out an official statement about events that occured at the Morrissey concert at the Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego this past Saturday.  Especially since there are still media outlets reporting inaccurate details on what took place.  My name is Carlos Rodriguez and I was the man in question who made it on stage and past security to hug our beloved Morrissey. First and foremost  I would like to apologize to the man Himself El Jefe, Mr. Morrissey for unintentionally being a part of the reason the show was stopped and more so that the media made false claims as to what transpired.  I admit that on video it does look aggressive but honestly at that moment I literally was beside myself.  Like an out of body experience.  It was a rush of energy that I have never felt before.  Grant it I am a 40 year old man and was able to move that quickly still is crazy to me. Lol.   As I was able to hug the Master he was smiling and laughing.  Especially after seeing me headlocked and escorted back to the pit. Thank you for confirming that you were not hit, injured, or attacked.  As a loyal fan for the past 20+ years that would be the last thing I would ever want to do or any fan for that matter.              

  Secondly I would like to apologize to all the fans who were at the show at the Copley Center.  It was not my intention nor any of the "stage invaders" to have the show stopped.  I have been receiving both support and negative feedback to say the least.  More the latter.  Lol.  And I get it.  I understand.  Moz was having a great show.  His vocals were amazing and the setlist was on point!  It was a magical night for everyone.  So it to end the way it did I apologize.  I do accept partial responsibility but right now it seems Im the posterboy for the show cancellation.  So be it.  Like all Moz concerts fans reach out and hope to have the opportunity to touch the mans hand, have a record signed, or for some even getting their armed signed, which I tried.  Lol.  But for the past 30 + years there are those fans that take a chance to get closer, to go in for a hug to show deep appreciation to the man whose songs have saved our lives.  Most shows those who make it get their 5 sec hug and escorted back to their spot and the show goes on as is at the Tropicalia fest recently.  But unfortunately this event ended differently.  My actions as well as those of others with me have tarnished what would have been a perfect evening. Yes it was the encore but I know every fan wants to enjoy all we can.  So for that I am deeply sorry.                  

 Lastly for the negative press this has brought upon Moz.  Media is always trying to create news or spin stories in order to gain views and likes.  Even after refuting stories of being attacked or hurt some media outlets are continuing to report falsely and create nonsense to further their agenda.  And no I was not paid to rush the stage so He could stop the show or cancel current tour dates as some idiots reported.  And to security I am sorry we put you in that predicament.  You were clearly outnumbered and you did the best you could given the circumstances.  You did what you had to do to protect our beloved Moz.  Again, I hope this clears up all the rumors and such and gives me an opportunity to apologize to all parties involved and help others on the outside to have a glimpse into the World of Morrissey.  VIVA MOZ!!

#StopWatchingTheNews #ApologyFromBoyRacer #MozFam

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