Kim On How She Bounced Back After Her Leg Injury

In March of 2017, Kim Schifino sustained a torn ACL and meniscus while doing a stage jump at a festival. Matt and Kim sits down with the Woody Show backstage at ALTerEGO to talk about Kim's injury what it has been like since that moment. 

Kim on her leg injury:  

Here is the thing, you would think that would slow me down and maybe smarten me up. No! Now it's like, I know what it is like to stop, so now I have to go way harder in case I have ever to stop again. Live hard until you can't live no more. 

Matt talks about the album 'Almost Everyday':

We made this album and it was a bit darker. I didn't realized we mentioned death in like every song. What kind of Matt and Kim is that dark? We are kind of coming back around. It was a heavy year. 

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