Billie Eilish's Producer (Brother) Takes us Through His Studio (Bedroom)

This weekend - when we are watching Billie Eilish steal the show at Coachella - keep an eye out for her brother on stage with her

NME explains the relationship:

Those who’ve been following Billie since her breakthrough a couple years ago and subsequent early live shows will know that it’s a bit more of a team effort than is let on. ‘Ocean Eyes’, the song that set her career in motion back in 2016, was in fact penned by her older brother Finneas O’Connell for a previous band he was in. Since, the pair have worked together on every release by Billie, with Finneas producing and co-writing the album with his sister and becoming a part of her touring band.

A video series called SPACES just hung with Finneas as he took them through their studio (which is also their house) - which you can see below

It proves once again that you don't need a super fancy studio or millions of dollars of equipment to really connect

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