Would You Buy a $100 Hot Dog at Coachella?

As Coachella has grown over the years - so has it's food selection

Gone are the days of burgers, chicken strips, pizza and soda being the only option

The menu is as diverse (and expensive as ever"

LAist had a great article on one of the guys primarily responsible for this - Nic Adler - the culinary director at Stagecoach and Coachella

From the article:

"I was actually 100% responsible for the $100 hot dog," he says.

He's talking about the "Cavi-san," a hot dog that's fried in tempura batter and topped with wasabi-crème fraiche, spicy mayo, egg mimosa and an ounce of caviar. He worked with Jeffrey Lunak, the owner ofin Koreatown, to come up with the deluxe dog for the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival but he seems sheepish about it.

"It's not really the story that I wanna be telling, that there's $100 hot dogs at a festival that costs $1,000 to go to," Adler says. "If you're paying $100 for a hot dog, there is experience around that. You're gonna sit down at a table. You're probably gonna take a picture of it. You're probably gonna inspect it a little bit. And you're gonna take every single bite as if it's the best hot dog you've ever had."

Here's some more on this weekend's chow

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