A Couple Took Engagement Photos With Dogs And Cats In Need Of Homes

Here’s somethingcat loversanddog loverscan agree on: Theseengagement photostaken at an animal shelter are doggone cute.

Inspired by their love of animals, Brazilian coupleKarina Setaniand Renato Fernandes decided to shoot their engagement pics atLuisa Mell Institute, a São Paulo-based organization that provides shelter and adoption services to abused or abandoned animals in cities across Brazil.

“I have a thing for rescued animals, so much that I work as aprofessional pet photographer,” Setani told HuffPost. “That was one reason we took the pics at the shelter. But also, my significant other and I don’t really know how to pose or smile in a photo without it looking awkward, so this took the attention off us!”

“My husband and I did not feel like we were at a photo session because we were kind of getting to know all the animals,” Setani said. “Our photographer kept following us and we almost forgot he was there. It felt really spontaneous.”

The couple married last spring and hope their engagement pics bring awareness torescue animals at the shelterwho still need homes. Setani and Fernandes actually adopted a cat named Pancake at the shelter a few weeks before the photo shot.

“My mother adopted one cat after our photo session,” Setani said. “She could not handle the picture of a one-eyed cat we sent to her during our visit and had to adopt her.”

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