Did You Know There are "Hello Kitty" Themed Flights Out of LAX?

Full on "Hello Kitty" flights are happening now between LA and Taipei

Not just paint on the side of a plane - but an entire experience

From Bustle.com

The entire travel experience is curated for passengers to follow their Hello Kitty bliss.Travel website One Mile At A Timenoted that when you arrive at the airport, you check in at a row of bright millennial pink counters, with pink walls covered in the iconic Hello Kitty bows in shades of pink and red. Once you board, all the little plane niceties are Hello Kitty-themed as well, from the nut packages to the sick bags to the little coaster you can put your (pink!!) wine on. The food menu is Hello Kitty-themed, and the food itself has little callbacks to our girl HK (the cheese is cut out in the shape of her! Slay me). Even thetoilet paperis Hello Kitty-themed. Plus, as One Mile At A Time notes, there are awhole slew of Hello Kitty items available duty-free.

See some of what's available below

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