Texas Woman Lived In Same House As Her Mother's Dead Body For Three Years

Police in Texas have arrested a woman who is believed to have lived in the same house as her mother’s corpse for three years.

Delissa Navonne Crayton, 47, was arrested by police in Seguin after her mother’s remains were found in the home she shared with her daughter.

Police said it is believed Delissa’s mother Jacqueline Crayton suffered a “non-life-threatening fall” in her bedroom at the two-bedroomed home in 2016 at the age of 71.

They said her daughter failed to provide adequate assistance and investigators think Jacqueline died within a few days while lying on the floor.

For the subsequent three years, the remains lay in one room while Delissa and her daughter shared the other.

In a statement, Seguin Police Department said Crayton was arrested on July 10 for Injury to a Child under the age of 15 through recklessly, by omission, causing to a child, serious mental deficiency, impairment or injury.

“The ongoing investigation has led investigators to believe the skeletal remains found in a residence in the 900 block of Anderson Street on Sunday, July 7, 2019 are those of Jacqueline Louise Crayton of Seguin, the mother of Delissa Crayton,” they said.

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