Kellogg's is selling Cheez-Its crackers with a box of wine for $25

With the hope of getting people excited about its Cheez-It brand, Kellogg partnered with House Wine to create a dual-sided wine and Cheez-It box that's selling online for $25.

For a limited time, customers can purchase the snack and boozy beverage combo starting at 5 pm EST on Thursday, July 25 on House Wine's website, and will be around for as long as supplies last. 

"We are thrilled to partner with House Wine to combine their expertise and America’s favorite 100% real cheese snack into one portable box,” said Jeff Delonis, senior marketing director for Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks division, in a statement.

“Many of our fans were already exploring pairing different wines with Cheez-It. Just like wine and cheese, you can pair the real cheese inside each Cheez-It flavor with the perfect wine complement and find a pair to enjoy all summer long.” 

One side of the fun collaboration will feature traditional Cheez-Its, which are mini salted cheese crackers with tiny indentions in the middle of each one. The other side of the box will contain a red wine blend that has a "red currant aroma" and notes of "juicy red fruit," according to the press release. 

If you don't get your hands on a box before supplies run out, you can try other pairings at home like Malbec and Zesty Cheddar Ranch, Rosé and White Cheddar, Sauvignon Blanc with Extra Toasty Cheez-Its.

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